Water Features



Create a zen atmosphere to counteract your busy life

Water features add the soothing sounds of nature and visual interest to your landscape. Few landscape features offer stress relief as effectively as water. Whether you want a cascading waterfall carved out of rock, a babbling brook effect, or a reflecting pool, water brings movement and beauty to your home.

  • ADD the sounds of nature to your home.

  • Attract birds and wildlife.

  • Create a conversation piece.

  • Turn small or awkward spaces into dramatic focal points.

  • Create a one-of-a-kind outdoor feature.

  • Mute the sounds of traffic.

The most stressful day can melt away as you listen to the cascading water or contemplate tiny ripples in a reflecting pool. A water feature tucked away in an otherwise unused space will rejuvenate the landscape and create a dramatic focal point. Talk to us about including a water feature in your landscape!



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Our first impression of Ryan was one of surprise. Not very often do you meet such an honest and friendly person when dealing with any contractor. He sat down and designed everything we asked for with some very helpful advice and insight. When he returned a few days later, we were excited by the colorful and detailed blueprint of our new flower garden. We had many problems with water drainage in all areas of our yard, and Ryan had many great ideas to help us. With no pressure and plenty of time for us to give thought, we agreed with Ryan’s plan and are we thankful we did so. All the drainage issues are gone with no more soggy yard. With a very hot stretch, some of the sod did not look too good, and the crew was sent back to resod a few spots. Now the grass looks great, and it is very hard to see we had any sod work done here at all. Ryan and his crew did a magnificent job—they are the very BEST in Peoria, hands down!! We are always very happy to refer folks to Designer Concepts because we have the proof here in front of us, that Ryan and everyone working for him have the dedication and desire to make the customer happy and go the extra mile. Do not have any landscape work done without first calling Designer Concepts. You will be glad you did. A++++ work!!
— Mike C.